meeting  Committees

SCEDC Executive Committee

(Meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 3:30pm)
Bruce Schrader, Board President

Bruce Schrader, President
Clyde Tool & Die Inc

Hans Rosebrock, 2nd Vice-President
First Energy

Larry Mears, Secretary
Freeman Company

Mark Litten, Executive Director

Wade Weaver, 1st Vice-President
Martin Marietta Specialties

Jeff Geary, Treasurer
First National Bank

Phil (PJ) Rudolph, Past President

SCEDC Marketing Committee

Mike Winthrop, Chr.

Kerrie Carte – WSOS CAC

Mayor Rich Harman – Village of Woodville

Jill Simpson – Chamber of Commerce of S.C.

Hans Rosebrock – First Energy

Michael Winthrop – The Bellevue Hospital

Andrea Gibson – SCEDC Communications Admin.

Sanford Lubin – Toledo Business Journal

Mark Litten – SCEDC Executive Director

Phil(PJ) Rudolph, Jr – Rudolph-Libbe

SCEDC Retention Committee

Jeff Woitha, Chr.

Mayor Steve Fought – Village of Gibsonburg (Village)

Hal Hawk – Crown Battery Mfg Inc (Large)

Mike Lantz – City of Bellevue (Eastern)

Keith Kruse – Village of Woodville (Western)

Dan O’Brien – Whirlpool-Clyde Div. (Large)

Gilbert (Chip) Overmyer – Twp Assoc. (Twp)

Rick Robertson – Croghan Colonial Bank (Medium)

Charles Schwochow – S.C. Commissioner (County)

Steve Fuhr – Bellevue Development Corp. (City ED)

Tom Kern – Style Crest (Medium)

Larry Mears – The Freeman Company (Medium)

Kay E. Reiter – SCEDC (County)

Mayor Danny Sanchez – City of Fremont (Central)

Wade Weaver – Martin Marietta Specialties (Medium)

Jeff Woitha – Carbo Forge Inc. (Medium)


Cindy Mudge & Kay E. Reiter, Co-Chrs.

Sandy Clark – Green Bay Packaging

Andy Carroll – Terra State Community College

Greg Edinger – Vanguard-Sentinel Career Center

Steve Fuhr – Bellevue Economic Development Corp.

Beth Hannam – Terra State Community College-Kern Center

Nancy Lipstraw – Green Bay Packaging

Cindy Mudge – Whirlpool-Clyde Division

Tim Myers – Century Die LLC

Dianna (Di) Pierce – Whirlpool-Clyde Division

Kay E. Reiter – SCEDC

Jeanne Vanyo – Revere Plastics

Tina Taylor – Terra State Community College

Kerrie Carte – WSOS Community Action Commission

Karen Dray – SCEDC

Cori Foss – Bishop Hoffman Catholic School

Andrea Gibson – SCEDC

Jill Simpson – Chamber of Commerce of S.C.

Angie Morelock – Vanguard-Sentinel Career Center

Mike Mullholand – Freeman Company

Barb McNutt – Fremont City Schools

Janet Quaintance – SCJFSC

Abby Slemmer – United Way of Sandusky County

Laurie Good – Clyde-Green Springs Schools

SCEDC Budget/Investor Oversight Committee

Mark Egbert, Chr.

Rich Clark – Atlas Industries, Inc.

Gail Coe – Capitol Aluminum & Windows

Jeff Geary – First Nat’l Bank of Bellevue

Hal Hawk – Crown Battery

Dan Polter – S.C. Commissioners

Phil (PJ) Rudolph, Jr. – Rudolph | Libbe

Morgan Stanley – Croghan Colonial Bank

David Brewer – ProMedica Memorial

Mark Egbert – Old Fort Banking Co.

Bill Hammer – S.C. Township Association

Dan O’Brien – Whirlpool Clyde Division

Kay E. Reiter – SCEDC

Bruce Schrader – Clyde Tool & Die Inc.

SCEDC Nominating Committee

Phil (PJ) Rudolph, Jr., Chr.

Kay E. Reiter – SCEDC

Bruce Schrader – Clyde Tool & Die Inc.

Phil (PJ) Rudolph, Jr – Rudolph | Libbe

Dr. Jerome Webster – Terra State Comm. College

SCEDC Attraction Committee

Kay E. Reiter, Chr.

Kerrie Carte – WSOS CAC

Karen Dray – SCEDC

Steve Fuhr – Bellevue Economic Development Corp.

Beth Hannam – Terra State Community College-Kern Center

Jill Simpson – Chamber of Commerce of Sandusky County

John Willey – S.C. Regional Planning

Jim Avery – Clydescope

Peggy Courtney – SCCVB

Wayne Earley – Polymer Ohio

Marc Glotzbecker – Village of Gibsonburg

Ben Kenny – WSOS-Community Action Commission

Janet Quaintance – SCJFSC

Kay E. Reiter – SCEDC

Bob Gross – City of Fremont

SCEDC Strategic Planning Committee

Hans Rosebrock, Chr.
(This Committee meets every 3 years – 2014)

Kay E. Reiter – SCEDC

Bruce Schrader – Clyde Tool & Die, Inc.

Dr. Jerome Webster – Terra State Community College

Hans Rosebrock – First Energy

SCEDC By-Laws (Ad-Hoc) Committee

Mike Winthrop, Chr.

Kay E. Reiter – SCEDC

Mike Winthrop – The Bellevue Hospital (Past President)

Phil (PJ) Rudolph, Jr. – Rudolph/Libbe ( Current President)

Jeff Woitha – Carbo Forge, Inc. (Former President)



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