In 2022 the City of Fremont launched the Worker Relocation Grant. This grant program is for individuals looking to relocate to Fremont for a new job opportunity and offers reimbursement of qualifying moving expenses.


Are you looking to relocate for new job opportunities? Or, are you someone who works remotely looking to relocate from the hustle & bustle of a larger city? If so, Fremont is the community for you. Beginning January, 2022, Fremont, Ohio began its Relocation/Remote Worker Grant Program.

Fremont is looking for forward-thinking individuals like yourself to grow our community. To qualify for the grant, an applicant must be moving from another community in Ohio or from out of state. Moves within the city do not qualify for grant reimbursement.

Take advantage of what Fremont has to offer. We look forward to growing our community with you.

For questions please contact Holly Elder, City Treasurer at


1. Applicants must live within the city limits of Fremont.

2. Applicants must be employed by a Fremont business (any business with a 43420 zip code), work full-time hours and earn the minimum wage requirement as designated by the State of Ohio.

3. Remote Worker Applicants must provide documentation that they meet the full-time hours & minimum wage requirements (as stated above), work from a home office within Fremont City limits, or from a work space provided by their employer within Fremont City limits.

4. Applicants must submit proper documentation to meet the requirements of the grant.

5. Reimbursement of moving expenses will be awarded upon review & approval of application, not to exceed $1,000 for relocation from within the State of Ohio and $2,000 for relocations from outside the State of Ohio.

6. Relocation Grant Awards are taxable income. The City of Fremont will issue recipients a 1099 reflecting his/her/they award amount.